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For your own safety please notify if you have any medical conditions that may be affected by our services. Including allergies, high blood pressure, varicose veins, recent injuries or physical ailments.   

Harmony Aesthetics Request:

In order to experience the full benefits of your treatment and receive the allotted time for each appointment, please turn off all cell phones and personal communication devices.

                                       Gift vouchers available for all services.




​   Therapeutic Massage 

We specialize in group bookings to take care of your family, friends & colleagues. Ask about our great rates

for group bookings.


Swedish Body Massage
Pressure adjusted to your requirements
Light - medium - deep
1/2 hr CI$60  1hr CI$90  1 1/2 hrs CI$120
Deep Tissue Body Massage
Improves muscle elasticity and mobilization
Stretches muscle fibres and fascia
Breaks down adhesions & fibrous nodules
Relaxes muscles post event
Helps computer strain, tight shoulders & neck - frozen shoulder
1hr CI$110  1 1/2 hrs CI$155
Aromatherapy Body Massage
With a customized blend of essential oils
1/2 hr CI$65   1hr CI$95   1 1/2 hrs CI$125
Lymphatic Drainage Massage with Ozone Therapy
Gently relieves swollen tissues, eliminating toxins, healing and strengthening the immune system, combined with the sterilizing effect of ozone to clear the lungs.
1 hr CI$100 
Hot Stone Massage 1hr+  CI$120
Therapeutic Stress Reliever Treatment
Soothes & calms the nervous system, incorporating many different modalities.
1 hr CI$95  1 1/2 hrs CI$125
Indian Head Massage 45mins  CI$85
Reflexology CI$60
Pre-Natal Massage 1hr CI$95
Couples massage  from CI$180
Oncology Massage
Adapted to safely nurture the body. Helps to reduce pain & fatigue, decrease anxiety, less nausea, improved sleep, greater sense of wellbeing.
 1 hr CI$95  1 1/2 hrs CI$125
Energizing chair massage - please enquire for further details. 
Non-invasive Facelift
Age defying with microcurrent technology.
Benefits include diminished appearance of fine lines & wrinkles, smoother, firmer skin, Improved elasticity & facial contour.
1hr  CI$100
Prepaid course of 12 receive 2 treatments complimentary
Exfoliation CI$15, Facial Massage CI$20, Collagen, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Marine Algae Infusion Masques CI$35, NEW
Bio Anti-age products CI$35
Anti-age Eye Treatment  CI$55 

​     Final Touch
Lash tint  CI $25    Brow tint  CI $20
Manicure CI $35  Pedicure  CI $55
Regenerating manicure with Dead Sea Minerals & essential oils. Excellent for hydrating and softening the skin and easing aches & pains.          CI $55
Regenerating Pedicure with Dead Sea
minerals & essential oils. Excellent for treating swollen, aching limbs, calluses,
dry skin.                                 CI $80
French Manicure  CI $40
Repolish  CI $18    French Repolish CI $21
Gel manicure CI$55   Gel Pedicure CI$75
Gel polish only CI$45
 Dazzle, non-toxic nail polish, dries within 5 mins, lasts upto 2 weeks on fingernails. Easily removed with polish remover.
Dazzle manicure CI$50
Dazzle Pedicure CI$65
Dazzle polish CI$35


​           Wax Away
Full leg wax     Full leg & bikini wax
     CI $65                 CI $95
   I/2 leg wax  CI $40
Bikini wax      Brazillian      Hollywood
from CI $35    from CI $50     from CI $60
Underarm wax     Full arm
   CI $25                 CI $45
Back / Chest  from  CI $55
Brows          Chin / Lip
 CI $25           CI $20  
GiGi chamomile wax melts at a lower temperature allowing for a more comfortable application, particularly on
sensitive skin. Leaves the skin silky smooth.
We use disposable sheets for waxing.
We do not "double dip."
We are pleased to offer customized   classes for individuals or groups. From beginners, advanced, relaxation, meditation & challenging sessions.
Starting from CI$90.
A great addition to your therapy services. 
Yoga sessions 
Happy Feet

Boost your wellbeing. Ease aches and pains, swollen feet and limbs.

Add-on service CI$40. 

​        Eve Taylor London  
Intensive Prescriptive Facial

Harnessing the power of aromatherapy & botanical extracts to enhance skin & wellbeing.
Typical treatment includes:
Deep cleanse, exfoliation, steam & ozone, extraction, massage of face, scalp, arms & feet, mask applications.
Treatments are customized according to your skin type.
1 1/2 hrs CI$160   1hr CI$110
      Men's Skin Treatment
Deep pore cleansing, aids ingrowing hair removal.
1 1/4 hrs CI$125





     Harmony Day Packages
Face toning, full leg & bikini wax, lash & brow tint, repolish hands & feet.
 3 hrs approx  CI$250
Aroma massage, skin reviver, repolish hands & feet.
2 hrs approx   CI$230
Harmony Holistic Services
Let us design a totally customized service for you to aid your physical and mental wellbeing. After a consultation we will recommend a combination of services to suit you. 
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