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   Anna Lotan Retail Skincare

Four decades of experience in creating professional quality formulations. The Anna Lotan goal has been to use pure and active natural ingredients where ever possible, minimizing the need for chemical preservatives and emulsifiers.They have created a wide range of products especially kind to the skin; cruelty free and friendly to the environment.


          Lightening Care  
For a lighter, brighter, vital appearance employing
active ingredients of mulberry, licorice combined
with antioxidants; vitamins A, C & E. Formulated for
skin lightening and pre-prevention of hyper-pigmentation.
          Greens Rejuvenating Care
The formulations deliver comfortable wrinkle relaxation
and skin smoothing, combined with renewal and protection
that mature skin needs. The nutrients present in grain 
sprouts combined with peptides has inspired this formulation.
          Barbados Care          
For sensitive, combination skin. Rich in herbal and marine
active ingredients; soothing, moisture binding, antioxidant
protection, toning, softening.
          Liquid Gold Care
Suited for dry, dehydrated mature skin improving moisture
retention, skin comfort, minimizing premature ageing.
Active ingredient is Siberian Seabuckthorn with a vitamin
content higher than any other cultivated fruit or vegetable.
          Alodem Care
For sensitive, fragile, thin skin to soothe and relieve redness 
and discomfort, improve cell regeneration and protection.
Herbal components of aloe, mallow, calendula, green tea
and edelweiss.
          Clear Care
Oily, problem skincare. Herbal remedies are utilized to maintain
the skin's hygiene, cleanse and purify, balance it's moisture
level and protect it from oxidative stress and environmental
          Sun Protection
Premium BB creams, Clear oil free sunscreen gel SPF 32,
(excellent for outdoors & sports ) Rejuvenating day cream SPF 34












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