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Therapeutic Massage

We provide a wide range of massages to suit your personal preference and to focus on your physical and mental wellbeing. 

For your own safety please notify if you have any medical conditions that may be affected by our services. Including allergies, high blood pressure, varicose veins, recent injuries or physical ailments. 

Our request:

In order to experience the full benefits of your treatment and receive the allotted time for each appointment, please turn off all cell phones and personal communication devices.




Swedish Body Massage

This traditional relaxing massage incorporates slow,  smooth strokes.                                                                 

Effleurage improves the blood circulation and lymph flow, useful for cases of fatigue.                                      Kneading of the muscles to improve their function    and alleviate stiffness.                                                      Petrissage loosens the muscles to maintain                


A soothing massage for minor aches and pains.       

This can also give an invigorating and refreshing        result. 


          30 min CI$60  60 min CI$90  90 min CI$120                                                                               







30 min CI$70  60 min CI$110   90 min CI$155







Deep Tissue Massage

A fantastic massage  to improve muscle elasticity      and mobilization.                                                              

Stretches muscle fibres and fascia, breaks down        

adhesions and fibrous nodules.                                      Relaxes muscles post event.                                             Helps computer strain, tight shoulders and neck;      frozen shoulder.                                                               

A divine experience of the senses!                                 

Incorporating a customized blend of essential oils      derived from the distillation of a wide variety of          plants.                                                                                  The therapeutic properties of the oils have a wide      range of benefits; antiseptic, detoxifying, energizing, deep relaxation, oxygenation and hydration of the    skin.                                                                                       Inhalation of the oils and absorption through the       skin this aids in decreasing stress and tension.        .  A relaxing massage technique is used throughout      this treatment.                                                                          30 min CI$65  60 min CI$95  90 min CI$125                                                                              


Lymphatic Massage

















Aromatherapy Massage

A gentle manipulation of specific areas of the body to aid the movement of lymph fluid.

Relieves swelling due to medical treatment, illness, eliminating toxins, healing and strengthening the immune system.

                    60 min CI$100 

Hot Stone Massage

A complete mind, body and soul experience!

The heat is transported from the volcanic stones through the skin and into the bloodstream and deeper layers of the dermis and muscles.

Bringing fresh nutrients to the tissues and assists the removal of toxins.

Adhesions are softened and fibrous nodules reduced.

Regular treatment can result in improvement of range of motion of joints and muscles.

Extremely calming and sedative for deep relaxation.

60 min CI$120   90min CI$144 

Therapeutic Stress

An effective method to soothe and calm the nervous system incorporating many different modalities.

Acupressure points, lymphatic drainage, scalp, facial and foot massage.

60 min CI$100  90 min CI$125

Couples Massage

Enjoy a special relaxation time with your partner, friend or family member.

A perfect treat for celebrating on your honeymoon, anniversary, vacation or wellbeing day.

Two therapists will set up in your chosen location; private beach, hotel room, private home, poolside.

Choose from Swedish or customized massages.

2 x 60 min from CI$180

2 x 90 min from CI$240




Pre-Natal/Pregnancy              Massage 

Providing a skilled, nurturing touch for mothers and babies.

Touch is fundamental to the development of a healthy human being.

Studies of pregnant women show massage reduces anxiety, eases leg and back pain, improves sleep and mood.

Regular treatments can help to ease labour.

This massage can be given from the second trimester, week 14.

60 min  CI$95

Oncology Massage 

Adapted to safely nuture the body.

This massage technique helps to reduce pain and fatigue, decrease anxiety, lessen nausea, improve sleep and provide a greater sense of wellbeing.

60 min CI$95  90 min CI$125


Indian Head                 Massage

Introducing the traditional "champissage" from India.

This is an invigorating scalp, upper body, arm and facial massage designed to stimulate and refresh, promoting energy throughout the body.

This technique can also stimulate hair growth, ease tension and stress, headaches and migraines.

Indian head massage helps to restore harmony; relieving the body of symptoms and discomfort. 

45 min  CI$85


This holistic treatment can be used to diagnose various conditions as well as correcting and preventing ill health.

Different reflex points in the feet are targeted which correspond to areas of the body.

Reflexology helps to normalize and balance the functions of the body.

This treatment is very relaxing and an enjoyable form of therapy.

30 min   CI$60

Relax and ease mental and physical tension within your working environment.

We can set up in your boardroom or facility with a massage chair or massage table option.

A massage can be given over clothing.

See corporate wellness page for more info!

60 min  CI$90

Corporate Massage  

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